Trade for Services?

Yes ... to a degree.

If you run a food place like pizza, sandwiches or coffee ... you are a contractor like a plumber, electrician or do yard work ... and you need a box of business cards or some graphic design projects completed ... that's an easy trade!

Spdy will allow up to $100 in gift cards as payment, with the understanding they can be given to family or friends for use anywhere in the USA.

If you are thinking more than $100, please fill out this form to set-up an Account* with the details on what you have in mind, OR ... ask for Spdy when you call the office.

* Account Setup will NOT include running a background check or your FICO ... this form will speed things along in terms of introducing Your Company to Spdy.

Private Deals
Premium Domain Names


New Domain Names
to Spdy

FAQ: Why is the Domain parked at

SEDO is #1 when it comes to selling domain names. If you park the domain on their nameservers (, it validates our ownership so SEDO can sell the domain as our representative and Spdy does pay them a sales commission. We find that some people are more comfortable working with a qualified 3rd party.

If the domain you want is parked at SEDO or it is a "future website coming soon", it is temporary. Would you like it pointed to your website? Make the payment we discussed by phone or email, using the form to the left ...
prices start at $50

Spdy will create a regular website to showcase the talents of our group of designers, developers, writers and link builders to make it a viable website for Spdy until it is sold.**

** if it does really well ... it will still be available for sale but the dollars involved will be based on the work (time invested) + the results (revenue).