Transfer Domain Name
to another REGISTRAR

If you want to move a domain name to a different registrar or our cart note says "SEND AUTH CODE by Email", see Go Daddy's:
Transferring Domain Names to Another Registrar.

This is when you want to keep all of your domain names at 1 registrar, and it is NOT Go Daddy ... maybe,, etc

Spdy will send the authorization code via email for you to use with your registrar.

This will initiate the transfer and send a message within our Go Daddy account to verify we are OK with moving this domain name. We check daily to keep things moving.

The recipient must confirm the domain name move within 10 days. After that time, the transaction times out and you must re-initiate it. For instructions on confirming a domain name move, see Go Daddy's:
Accepting a Domain Name into Your Account.

In Spdy terms: if we just bought this domain, we can MOVE it to YOUR account after 5-days ... Go Daddy to Go Daddy ... but the DOMAIN NAME can NOT move to another registrar, like NameCheap or Dynadot, for 60-days AFTER it became active in OUR account. This is NOT the "create date" ... this is based on the day Spdy bought this domain. You are welcome to call to confirm or get it in writing by requesting INFO HERE

Note: regarding the 5-day deal ... Spdy does NOT list a domain as "available" until it's real and something we can send you today ... so this is not going to be an issue unless we messed up somewhere.



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New Domain Names
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FAQ: Why is the Domain parked at

SEDO is #1 when it comes to selling domain names. If you park the domain on their nameservers (, it validates our ownership so SEDO can sell the domain as our representative and Spdy does pay them a sales commission. We find that some people are more comfortable working with a qualified 3rd party.

If the domain you want is parked at SEDO or it is a "future website coming soon", it is temporary. Would you like it pointed to your website? Make the payment we discussed by phone or email, using the form to the left ...
prices start at $50

Spdy will create a regular website to showcase the talents of our group of designers, developers, writers and link builders to make it a viable website for Spdy until it is sold.**

** if it does really well ... it will still be available for sale but the dollars involved will be based on the work (time invested) + the results (revenue).